Thursday, February 24, 2011

A face of an Angel

Maddie James

Dear Photo community,

I have obviously completed my 365 for 2010 and have not posted any more photos on here but I see this site still gets views. :) thank you.

Seeing that fact, I have a small request. My friend's daughter has been diagnosed with a malignant, inoperable brain tumor ( DIPG). I'm asking that you please click the link below and read her story, donate if possible, tell your other blogger and photo friends . If you don't have the funds to donate please and sign up for a photo contest they have been entered into, the winner will receive 500.00 and if it is my friends photo the money will be put into her foundation.

Maddie's story is true and will touch your heart when you read it, she has the face of an Angel and sadly will be one sooner than later. Please help her family memorialize her.
thank you so much


The Maddie James Foundation

The Orange County Register Photo Contest

Miles for Maddie

Read about Maddie's journey here

note: the above photo is not mine but was borrowed from The Maddie James foundation site.